The following resources are available to help you learn more about the work of our grantees, partners, Bush Fellows and Native Nation Rebuilders, as well as the field of philanthropy.

Grantee Forms

Report forms for Bush Foundation grantees:

Helpful links

Council on Foundations - The Council is a membership organization that serves the public good by promoting and enhancing responsible and effective philanthropy. The site contains links to member sites and resources for foundations. 

The Foundation Center - The Center serves the information needs of grantseekers, grantmakers, researchers, policymakers, the media and the general public. Its Web site bills itself as a "gateway to philanthropy on the World Wide Web." - Launched in 2009, facilitates donors contributing to nonprofits or raising funds for their favorite causes; the site also offers nonprofits another platform from which to raise funds.

Giving Hearts Day - Dakota Medical Foundation and Impact Foundation jointly host this 24-hour online give-a-thon that has dramatically increased fundraising success by charities of North Dakota and western Minnesota.

Guidestar - Produced by Philanthropic Research, Inc., GuideStar seeks to improve the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector through the collection and presentation of comprehensive information about nonprofits. The site contains the largest ever on-line posting of nonprofits’ informational tax returns in a searchable database. 

Independent Sector - The Bush Foundation is a member of Independent Sector, a national membership organization that encourages giving, volunteering, not-for-profit initiatives and citizen action. The site contains information about public policy, research, charity lobbying in the public interest and public education.

The Minnesota Council on Foundations - The Council is a regional membership association of grantmakers dedicated to strengthening organized philanthropy. The site contains many helpful resources, including weekly online grantmaking news, grantmaking trends and analysis, and links to other organizations providing information about philanthropy and nonprofits. 

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits - The Council is a statewide membership association of nonprofit organizations sharing information, services and research to educate its members and the community. The site contains a searchable database of nonprofit organizations and a collection of documents on nonprofit management issues. 

Minnesota Compass - Compass promotes the well-being of the Minnesota communities by measuring progress, reporting findings and providing strategies for action. It is led by Wilder Research in partnership with community-serving organizations, funders and volunteers (including representatives of the Bush Foundation). A version of Compass for South Dakota is in the works. 

North Dakota Compass - Announced in early 2012, North Dakota Compass is being built using the same technology as Minnesota Compass and in partnership with Wilder Research. It will provide a common data-driven foundation from which communities across the state can make informed decisions. 

Black Hills Knowledge Network - A Compass-like website that serves South Dakota.