Encouraging individuals and organizations to think bigger and think differently
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Forging strong partnerships to prepare new teachers

What’s the best way to prepare new teachers for the classroom? One idea is to increase the time teacher candidates spend in P-12 classrooms during their training—moving from as little as several weeks to a full year of classroom experience. ... more

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Regional partners will co-design small grants programs to support community innovation

The Bush Foundation’s Community Innovation team is excited to announce that we’re partnering with three organizations to create a small grants program that will provide flexible, responsive grant dollars to organizations working to create and implement great ideas that make their communities better. ... more

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Beignets and philanthropy: What we learned at the Communications Network conference

Lately, when I look out on the Mighty Mississippi from the Bush Foundation’s new office in the U.S. Bank Center in downtown Saint Paul, all I can think of is New Orleans. That’s partly because my communications colleagues and I were just there last week for the Fall 2013 Communications Network Conference. And partly because I grew up in the south and long to be in a city where people don’t look at you funny when you ask for grits. ... more

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Celebrating local government innovations and the people powering them

Let’s be honest, discussions about “government” can often lead to groans from Minnesotans who think it will entail a long discourse about the latest maneuvering and infighting on Capitol Hill or in St. Paul. But while the situation in the State Capitol and Washington, D.C. is certainly important in a whole host of ways, the daily face of government that most Minnesotans interact with actually occurs at the local level. ... more

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Bush Fellows think bigger and win big

The Bush Fellowship Program supports people who think bigger and think differently about the change they can make in their community—people like 2013 Bush Fellow Tracy Sides. Tracy's idea to transform existing space at the Bruce Vento Sanctuary into The Urban Oasis, which would connect food, nature and culture, was the winning idea in the Saint Paul Foundation’s $1 million Forever Saint Paul Challenge. ... more