Native Nation Rebuilders Program

Applications open Summer 2015.

Native Nation Rebuilders Program

The Native Nation Rebuilders Program brings together Native leaders so they may be instrumental in moving their nations toward realization of their tribes’ unique goals.

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Native Nation Rebuilders Cohort 6 (Photographer Bruce Silcox)
Native Nation Rebuilders Cohort 6 (Photographer Bruce Silcox)

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Rebuilders Cohort 5
Rebuilders Cohort 5
Program description

Each year, the Bush Foundation selects a cohort of approximately 30 “Rebuilders” to participate in a two-year program. The Foundation has selected six Rebuilder cohorts.

In the first year, the Foundation and its partner, the Native Nations Institute, provide access to ideas and information, expanded networks, leadership training and other resources for nation-building. Rebuilders participate in five in-person sessions and complete assignments between these sessions.

In the second year, Rebuilders use these tools and skills to implement "action plans," in which they engage in practical nation-building projects within their communities.

What we Fund

The Foundation will cover the cost of instruction, materials and facilitation for Rebuilder events, the cost of transportation and meals to and from events, as well as meals and lodging while at events.


Applicants to the Native Nations Rebuilders Program:

  • Must be at least 25 years of age.
  • Must be an enrolled citizen of one of the 23 Native nations in the Bush Foundation region.
  • Must currently live in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota or one of the 23 Native nations.
  • Must be interested in learning about Native nation-building.
  • Must be willing to attend the five in-person sessions and complete assignments between these sessions.
How to apply

Rebuilders applicants complete an application form and submit references from two non-relatives who are familiar with their values, character and goals.

Applications open Summer 2015.

Selection criteria and process

A selection committee composed of individuals with expertise in nation-building will evaluate each Rebuilder candidate according to his or her commitment to Native self-governance, knowledge of the issues facing his or her nation and potential to help his or her nation.


Rebuilders chosen for Cohort 6 commit to attending the following sessions:

  • Session 1:  December 3-5, 2014 (Prior Lake, Minnesota)
  • Session 2:  March 25-27, 2015 (Spearfish, South Dakota)
  • Session 3:  June 10-11, 2015 (Chaska, Minnesota)
  • Session 4:  September 16-18, 2015 (Bismarck, North Dakota)
  • Session 5:  December 2-4, 2015 (Twin Cities, Minnesota)
We're here to help

The Native Nations Team is available to answer your questions at or 651-379-2251.

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