Investing in great ideas

Through our grants programs we invest in organizations working on issues that are important to their community and key to advancing work in our focus areas.

Our Community Innovation program offers two open grant opportunities - The Bush Prize for Community Innovation and Community Innovation Grants - to inspire and support communities to pursue innovative solutions to their challenges.

Our Leadership program offers one open grant opportunity - Leadership Network Grants - which supports leadership development programs across the region we serve. 

Our Education program offers one open grant opportunity - Education Ecosystem Grants - which supports organizations that help create an environment where other organizations can succeed in reducing disparities and improving education outcomes for all students in the region.

Our Native Nations program offers a limited number of Native Nation Rebuilding Grants every year  directly to tribal governments to support their efforts to strengthen their governing systems.

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Large, long-term grants that support high-potential organizations and programs whose work will help increase the percentage of students who attain postsecondary success.

The Bush Prize honors and supports innovative organizations with a track record of making great ideas happen. The Bush Prize provides creative capital for the organizations to use however they choose.

A one-time program to both recognize and learn from exemplary organizations that meaningfully engage people in the arts and integrate the arts into public life.

Community Innovation Grants

Accepting applications through November 5, 2015

Grants of up to $200,000 to pursue innovative solutions to community challenges.


Operating support grants for organizations that create a favorable environment for other organizations to be successful.  

Leadership Network Grants increase access to leadership development programs that share the Foundation’s philosophy about the importance of developing and supporting culturally agile leaders.

We provide a limited number of grants each year directly to tribal governments to support their efforts to strengthen their governing systems.