Our education goal is to increase the percentage of students from all backgrounds who attain postsecondary success. We are approaching this goal through major initiatives focused on specific areas in education, and through support for the overall education ecosystem within our region.

Our developing portfolio of major initiatives is focused on spurring innovative solutions to the pressing education challenges facing the region. The ongoing Teacher Effectiveness Initiative is part of this portfolio, and we will launch additional major initiatives in the coming years. To help create a favorable environment for these initiatives and the initiatives of others to succeed, we offer Education Ecosystem Grants to organizations whose work contributes toward building an education ecosystem that supports change.

Our work in this area

Funded since 2009, this 10-year commitment with 14 higher education institutions is focused on ensuring that all students in our region have high-quality teachers by transforming teacher preparation and building strong talent pipelines with K-12 school districts.

This program supports organizations whose work contributes toward building the most favorable ecosystem possible for organizations that work to reduce educational disparities and improve outcomes for all students in our region. We believe a supportive ecosystem requires access to critical data, a favorable policy environment and the sharing of best practices. To that end, we seek to fund organizations who work in these priority areas.