Hamse Warfa

Advisory Team(s)
Minnesota Bush Prize Selection Panel

Hamse is the co-founder and Executive Vice President of BanQu, an MIT Innovation award winner, blockchain powered software company working to eradicate extreme poverty by connecting the unbanked to the global economy through a secure, portable digital economic identity platform that allows economically marginalized people to access markets and financing opportunities. BanQu was recognized by the Obama administration as a leader in its field and invited it to the 2016 White House Leaders' Summit. Hamse is also the founder and Principal of Tayo Consulting Group LLC (TAYO), a professional services firm comprised of cross-sector experts with deep experience in human development and poverty solutions.

Hamse brings the unique experience of being displaced by war as a child and then living as a refugee in East Africa and as an immigrant to the United States. Born in Somalia, Hamse escaped Somalia's civil war and spent three years living as a refugee in Kenyan camps before moving with his family to the United States in 1994. He documented his experiences as the author of America Here I Come: A Somali Refugee's Quest for Hope (Sunshine Publishing, 2014).

Arriving in the U.S. with no knowledge of English, Hamse's journey to integrate into mainstream America was a challenge. Today, Hamse serves as a trusted adviser in philanthropy working working with philanthorpic foundations. Hamse served as a Senior Program Office at Margaret A. Cargill (MAC) Philanthropies managing the foundation's global and domestic children & families and health grants. Previously, Hamse was Senior Program Office at Alliance Healthcare Foundation based in San Diego. Hamse brings his experience to the benefit of others as a community cohesion and peacebuilding strategist.

Hamse's leadership work has been recognized locally and globally through leadership awards including being named as Bush Foundation Leadership Fellow, Ashoka Fellow, recipient of Facing Race Award, 40 under 40 award.