Yong Her

Strategy and Learning Coordinator

Yong joined the Bush Foundation in 2011 and administratively, supports the Program Operations Team. Before joining the Foundation, she did marketing for PFT Couture for a few years. They did many fashion shows in the Metro area and one in Las Vegas. Yong was Marketing Assistant at the Center for Global Education, at Augsburg College and worked there for seven years. Her time at the Center for Global Education, gave her special opportunities to travel to different countries and experience their unique cultures. As an Associate at Compas, a non-profit, arts organization, she was on panel to select many local artists to participate in programs across Minnesota schools. She majored in Fine Arts and Marketing and have put both learnings to good use.

Yong and the majority of her family lives in Minnesota, since they came here as refuges from Laos. Having traveled to many countries and within the United States, she has a deep appreciation for diversity and our commonalities.