Brand Guidelines

About the Bush Foundation

The Bush Foundation works to inspire and support creative problem solving — within and across sectors — to make our region better for everyone.

To do this, we invest in great ideas and the people who power them in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the 23 Native nations that share the same geography.

We work through open grantmaking programs to develop, test and spread great ideas to make our region better, and to inspire, equip and connect people to lead change effectively.

We are inspired by the lives of Archie and Edyth Bush, who created the Bush Foundation in 1953. Today, our job is to do the most possible good with the resources they left to the community.

Name and References

Our official name is Bush Foundation. "The" does not need to be capitalized unless it is the start of a sentence. Subsequent references should be "the Bush Foundation" or "the Foundation." 

Style Guide

Full color for digital use only (JPG)

Color logo (EPS) | Black logo (EPS) | Reverse logo (EPS)

The Bush Foundation logo consists of the tri-colored area that forms the b (known as the “bug”) and the words "Bush Foundation". Both elements must be used together. The minimum size for the logo is 0.325” from the top to the bottom of the bug. Always enlarge or reduce the logo proportionately so it is not stretched or distorted. Space should be left around the logo that is at least the size of the full height of the letter “B” in “Bush” as shown.  


Bush Foundation logo with spacing




One-color logo variations — black or reverse (white) only — are acceptable, if required by production limitations. The logo in black can be used on a white background. The reverse logo should be used only on backgrounds that are orange or dark grey from our primary color palette.


Bush Foundation logo black 



Bush Foundation logo reverse on orange

The Bush Foundation color palette is a flexible, dynamic system consisting of three primary colors and four supporting colors. Each is identified below for a variety of applications, from print to pixels. Overall, the system conveys a sense of warmth and energy. It’s inviting with a feeling of confidence. The colors come from the real world, and variations of each can be found throughout the Upper Midwest.

orange CMYK 9 67 100 0 | RGB 226 114 38 | #E27226 | PMS 152U | PMS 158C


Dark Gray CMYK 64 59 48 26 | RGB 91 88 96 | #5B5860 | PMS 433U | PMS 425C


Warm Gray CMYK 14 11 22 0 | RGB 218 215 198 | #DAD7C6 | PMS Warm Grey 1U | PMS Warm Grey 1C


blue CMYK 87 44 21 0 | RGB 18 124 166 | #127CA6 | PMS 3015U | PMS 7462C


green CMYK 79 17 77 0 | RGB 45 158 106 | #2D9E6A | PMS 347U | PMS 348C


red CMYK 22 100 100 15 | RGB 172 31 35 | #AC1F23 | PMS 180U | PMS 1805C


yellow CMYK 0 22 72 0 | RGB 254 201 97 | #FEC961 | PMS 1215U | PMS 1205C



  • Sentinel Bold or Georgia Bold


  • Gotham Rounded Medium or Arial Bold

Body copy

  • Gotham Rounded Light or Arial