Community Creativity Initiative

Make Art Central to Problem Solving

Sometimes, in order to solve a problem or discover a new opportunity, we need to look at things in a different way. Art can inspire people to think bigger and think differently. That is why we believe it is a vital asset for communities working to take on big problems or seize opportunities. 

The guiding goal of our Community Creativity initiative is to make art a central element of problem solving on more issues, across more sectors and in more communities throughout the region.

To this end we make a handful of big investments to inspire, equip and connect artists, arts organizations and non-arts partners to integrate the arts in creative problem solving. 

We are particularly interested in seeing if arts-integrated approaches to creative problem solving can be sustained over time by demonstrating and measuring the impact of these efforts. 

We also offer Ecosystem grants which provide general operating support to organizations that help create an environment for our efforts to be successful.

About Our Investments

We work year-round — in consultation with community stakeholders, issue experts, our Board of Directors and others — to identify and develop promising investment opportunities.

After an extensive due diligence process, we make direct investments to support efforts that are best positioned to help accomplish our goals. These are typically significant, multi-year commitments to develop a promising idea or fund an existing program.

We do not accept unsolicited proposals for funding through our strategic initiatives. There will be occasions when we issue a call for proposals, however. The best way to learn about these opportunities is to sign up to receive Foundation news or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Organizations can apply for our Ecosystem grants, which help sustain organizations that create unique and significant value for our grantees, Fellows, Rebuilders and others. These grants provide as much as $200,000 over two years in general operating support for organizations that:

  • Provide critical data and analysis 
  • Spread great ideas and build capacity 
  • Advance public awareness and policy
  • Build and support leadership networks

Learn more about Ecosystem grants.

Recent Investments

Community Creativity Cohort

This was a one-time investment in 16 organizations that engage people in the arts, integrate art into public life and build understanding across and within cultures. The Community Creativity Cohort helped shape the direction of the Community Creativity Initiative.

Our History

The Bush Foundation’s support for the arts has been a constant since 1953. Below are a few examples of the focused investments the Foundation has made in the arts over the past 60-plus years.

Bush Artist Fellowship

Enduring Vision Award

Other Opportunities

Many artists and arts organizations receive funding through our grant and fellowship programs:

Community Innovation Program

Leadership Program