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We make it simple to reach us through Contact Hub. Think of it as your singular go-to step for getting the best and quickest response to any question – and it’s equally useful for people who know us and those who don’t.

It’s part of our commitment to being more open and transparent – and providing a great experience for anyone interested in or inquiring about our work.

Open Road Fund and Collective Abundance Fund

For all community and media inquiries about either of these community trust funds, please go directly to the organizations operating these grant programs. They are:

Other ways to connect with us

If you already know the staff person you want to reach, find them here.

If you have an investment opportunity that might align with our impact investing objectives, please reach out directly to our investments team at

If you think you are being scammed online by someone impersonating the Bush Foundation or a staff or board member, we can help you verify if it’s us via the Contact Hub. Please know that we are unable to retrieve lost funds, but we do share actionable steps you can take against scammers and prevent yourself and others from being scammed in the future.

Media INQUIRIES & Branding guidelines

Please contact Kari Ruth, communications director, at or 651-379-2219 with any media inquiries.

Visit our branding guidelines for our logos and usage guidelines.

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Please note that we have adopted a hybrid approach to work. Our staff members continue to work remotely for most days of the week.