Addressing racial wealth gaps

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Headshot of Damon

Damon Shoholm

Grantmaking Director

Damon is a Grantmaking Director focusing on the Bush Fellowship. He provides strategic and day-to-day leadership for the program and is an active resource across all areas of the Foundation’s work. Through his work, Damon aims to support effective reflection, learning, and self-analysis to help organizations and individuals thrive.

Damon joined the Foundation in 2021. He has served in the non-profit sector for over a decade in leadership development, civic engagement, and facilitative training. He has come to a critical understanding of self that serves as the foundation for his own engagement across communities.

Damon holds a bachelor's degree in History from Metropolitan State University and a master's in Applied Leadership from Augsburg University, where he also completed his 7-12 Social Studies Teaching Licensure (inactive). He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have two beautiful teenage daughters as well as 6 additional furry family members. He also continues to pursue his passion for soccer as a coach at the high school and club level. #COYL #COYS #GoMillers