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Elli Haerter

Elli Haerter

Grantmaking Officer

Elli is a Grantmaking Officer focusing on South Dakota and North Dakota. She looks for ideas and people that can make our region better for everyone. Elli and the rest of the team review proposals and manage community relationships to be open and responsive. She is ready to talk with people who have ideas or questions for any of our grant programs.

Elli also manages the relationships with statewide giving days, the North Dakota and South Dakota advisory committees, and community-based grant partner programs. Elli joined the Bush Foundation in 2011, as the North Dakota and South Dakota Activities Manager. She lives and works in the small town of Hosmer, South Dakota and loves connecting people and resources where possible.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Elli served as Tribal Liaison and Staff Assistant to U.S. Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota. Like many rural folks, Elli spends a lot of time on the road, for work and for her children’s activities. She and her family love the outdoors, traveling and most especially, walleye fishing on the Missouri River. She gives back to her community by serving on the Edmunds Central Public School Board and teaching Sunday School at her church. She is also a participant in the South Dakota Ag and Rural Leaders (SDARL) program.