Abdiaziz Ibrahim

Abdiaziz Ibrahim

Bush Fellowship
24 months

Saint Paul, MN — Abdiaziz Ibrahim is passionate about connecting immigrant families and families of color to resources that build economic mobility, especially safe, decent and affordable housing. As founder of Immigrant Housing Solutions, and with deep experience with property management and federal rentaI subsidy, he is in a unique leadership position to help families access affordable housing in Minnesota. He sees a significant need for property management companies that are owned and operated by people from his community. He knows how difficult it can be for families to find decent housing and to understand their rights as tenants. He wants to expand affordable housing through outreach to landlords and property managers and by providing a holistic combination of tenant education and financial literacy training. To lead this significant change, he will pursue a master’s degree in business administration, obtain certificates in community building and leadership development, and work with a coach to build stamina and well-being.



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Report date
April 2023