Adam B. Perry

Adam Perry
24 months
Minneapolis, MN—Even though Adam Perry is living with a degenerative eye disease that has taken most of his usable sight, he believes he has never lost his vision. As a senior program director at Arts Midwest, overseeing complex international initiatives with musicians, authors and filmmakers, he knows that his disability doesn’t disqualify him as a leader. But he also recognizes that much of the world does not necessarily have the same understanding about people with disabilities. With his Bush Fellowship, he will grow his competency in cross-cultural communications and nonprofit management to continue his transition from “operator” to “leader.”

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Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

In the 12 months since beginning my Bush Fellowship journey, I have traveled 33,576 miles and spent 76 hours in the air for fellowship experiences. That equates to roughly 1.4 laps around the planet and 3.2 full revolutions of it spent hurtling over 500 miles per hour above the clouds consuming a potentially toxic amount of peanuts and ginger ale. You’re welcome, Delta. 

I have always been an Aristotle guy. Don’t get me wrong, Plato and Socrates had their moments. Socrates asked questions, lots of them, because he recognized we do not always have the answers, and thus we have the scientific method. Plato went deep and elevated the human relationship with love past the physical plane to the Divine Eros – what my Sufi Muslim pals call “Ishq-e-Haqeeqi.” Plato and Socrates were not messing around.

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