Andriana K. Abariotes

18 months
Saint Paul, MNAs executive director of Local Initiatives Support Corporation - Twin Cities, Andriana Abariotes works with more than 30 different community-based developers and neighborhood partnerships to direct millions of dollars in investments to some of the region's most challenging neighborhood. Andriana sees an opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods she serves by working to transform the relationship between health care and community development organizations. She will use her Fellowship to build the skills and relationships necessary to bring this vision to life.

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

The Expectation Hangover. It was February 2013. There were signs that things weren’t right. One of my staff members had shared with me how he was struggling. He was getting physically sick and professionally off his game due to the stress of the past few years. As an organization, industry, and community/country, we had been going through a lot: huge financial losses, deepening recession, and little signal that things would change for the positive in the short term. I told him that as his colleague and boss I didn’t want to see him leave.

Let’s start with the basic premise underlying my Bush Fellowship--we need to dramatically shift course on health in this region and country. Health costs have been rising to unsustainable levels, while positive health outcomes are stagnant or declining. Health inequities abound. We know that people need good health to have strong communities and a strong economy, and vice versa. Health experts acknowledge that one's zip code is as important as one's genetic code for determining health outcomes. Defined as social determinants of health (i.e.

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