Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart
24 months
Saint Cloud, MNChris Stewart has served on the Minneapolis School Board and is the founding director of the African American Leadership Forum. He will use his Fellowship to research, design and prototype a new model for a networked, intergenerational black leadership community that increases connectivity, reciprocity and equity in Minnesota's black leadership pipeline.

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

Half-way into my Bush Fellowship and the world is much different than before. One year ago I was at the beginning of my Bush Fellowship. My work with the African American Leadership Forum (AALF) kept my focus on becoming a better leader in the black community, and how to do my part in opening doors for others - especially those in generation x,y, and z - to lead as well. My goal was to build on the parts of that job that were most important to me: networking building, intergenerational leadership, and faith-based child-saving.

The best advice I received during the Bush Fellowship interview process was to remember that it is a journey and even my best-conceived plan might change dramatically during the fellowship period. 

It was a prophetic bit of advice that has come true.

In the afterglow of becoming a fellow, and the honeymoon of well-wishing from friends and acquaintances far and wide, I had the sense that my life was pregnant with so many possibilities. An enormous investment was made into my growth and I determined to make the most of it.

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