David G. Smiglewski

Dave Smiglewski
24 months
Granite Falls, MN—As a member of the Granite Falls City Council for nearly four decades and mayor for 20 years, Dave Smiglewski knows first-hand the challenges and joys of community service. He is witness to an alarming decline in civic and community engagement particularly in rural areas, and wants to encourage young adults in his region to reverse the trend. Through his Bush Fellowship, Dave will finish his bachelor’s degree and pursue post-graduate education, studying the best methods to incubate, model and drive civic engagement. 

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

All journeys have an element of anticipation and so it was with me. I have long wanted to return to school and finish up my bachelors degree and do further studies at the graduate level. Anticipating what that might entail was a bit mysterious in light of my many years away from school. 

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