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Emilia Gonzalez Avalos

Emilia Gonzalez Avalos

Bush Fellowship
24 months

Richfield, MN — Emilia Gonzalez Avalos is intent on closing economic, health and leadership gaps for Latinas in Minnesota. She sees immense opportunity to catalyze long-lasting change by leveraging the collectivism and capacity for self-determination of Latina workers, migrants, teens and girls. She wants to tap into their lived experiences and invest in their leadership potential so that those most affected by issues learn to lead on them. She especially seeks to amplify the voices of low-wage and undocumented people, a community she understands as a long-time member of the immigration justice movement. As executive director of Navigate MN/Unidos MN, she grew the organization from a small networking program to a statewide powerhouse, opening doors for others to become recognized experts and organizers. Now, she seeks time to build the inner fortitude and tenacity required to lead even greater change across the region, as well as academic tools to develop models that improve the quality of life for Latinas.