Giovanni Veliz

Giovanni Veliz
24 months
Maple Grove, MN—Giovanni Veliz is the first immigrant police lieutenant in the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) and the former executive director of the Police Activities League. He is keenly aware of the challenges police departments have in building relationships with youth and communities of color, and is focused on juvenile outreach. Now, with his Bush Fellowship, he will deepen the strategic skills he needs to design solutions for improving youth health, development and leadership, and for enhancing the cultural competency of MPD officers. He will enroll in executive education programs at the Harvard Kennedy School and other educational institutions.

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

It is my privilege to share with the community and future Bush Fellow’s applicants, the lessons learned during my leadership development, and the experiences that are now shaping my leadership characteristics of leading with courage, dignity and compassion.  I have come to realize that leadership is the product of stakeholders and influenced by one’s aspirations, family values, relations and real life’s accomplishments and failures. I am deeply thankful to the Bush Foundation and my family for their support, inspiration and mentoring through this journey.

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