Jacquie R. Berglund

Jacquie Berglund
24 months
Minneapolis, MNSince 2000, Jacquie Berglund has had one thing on her mind: Turning beer into food. That's the mission of FINNEGANS, the social enterprise she founded nearly 15 years ago and the first beer in the world to donate 100 percent of its profits back to the community. A social entrepreneur before you could Google "social entrepreneur" and get links to thousands of books, articles and podcasts dedicated to the concept, Jacquie will use her Fellowship to expand and develop her own social entrepreneurial leadership skills. She will also use her experience to build support for social entrepreneurs throughout the region

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

In this first year of my fellowship I have learned a great deal about the importance of attitude in leadership.  In my most challenging moments over the past year I have found that if I could  make up my mind in my head that I was going to get something solved or get something done and convinced myself I could do it  that this thinking helped to propel me forward. When I am focused on a goal and achieving an outcome if I can focus on visualizing the positive outcome of what I wish to achieve hit helps me to keep my fear at bay and it helps me to keep the momentum going.

It has been a year since I was selected as a Bush Fellow I am amazed at how quickly time has flown and how much I have learned in one year. I can honestly say that I have spent more time in the past year focusing on my own personal development than I have spent in my entire lifetime, which is I suppose, how the Bush Fellowship is supposed to work.

I am the Founder and CEO of FINNEGANS beer company and when I applied for the Bush Fellowship in 2014 my plan was to create a social innovation lab to help other social entrepreneurs get started. My vision was to create an inspiring work environment and a gathering space for innovators to network and socialize. I had been working on this project for almost 2 years prior to my applying for the Bush Fellowship.

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