John Henry Glover

24 months
Spearfish, SD—John Glover understands dichotomies. He is Indian and non-Indian, traditional Native and Americanized Norwegian Lutheran, academic and non-academic. Given those realities, he seeks to be a bridge and facilitator between the various constituencies he works with in the northern plains and prairies of South Dakota. With his Bush Fellowship, he will seek better understanding of the impact of diversity and inclusion, and improve his nonprofit management skills to enhance his work as professor and higher education leader at Black Hills State University and as CEO of Native Educational Endeavors.

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

I continue to be humbled and very grateful to have had this tremendous opportunity, now at its half way mark. It has been an extremely eventful year and last six months in particular. In the following, I will reflect on the activities and impacts since my last six month log in January: 

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