Laura Zabel

Laura Zabel
24 months
Saint Paul, MNFor Laura Zabel, creativity is a natural resource. As executive director of Springboard for the Arts, she has helped ensure the region maintains an abundance of creativity by connecting artists with the resources they need to make a living and a life. Under her leadership, Springboard has grown into a nationally recognized economic and community development organization. Laura wants to ensure that when communities face big, complex challenges, they know how to find and call on its artists to help think of creative solutions. She will use her Fellowship to engage with a national network of colleagues to build skills and develop new strategies that can propel this work.

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

I have come to realize that a huge part of my fellowship is about reflecting on the last ten years of work at Springboard for the Arts and thinking and exploring what might be next. So, as I celebrated my official 10 year “workaversery” I took some time to reflect on what I think I’ve learned from the opportunity to do this work for a decade.

Inside the Foundation: A Tell-All! I’m pretty sure anyone who has ever worked at a nonprofit has dreamed of working at a foundation. The idea of giving away the money instead of asking for it all the time sounds pretty ideal. And the opportunity to support community change and make things happen while also working in an environment that doesn’t feature office furniture that you found on the side of the road? Sign me up!

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