Lori Saroya

Lori Saroya
24 months
Minneapolis, MNLori Saroya co-founded the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Minnesota (CAIR-MN), the state's only Muslim civil rights and legal advocacy organization, when she was a senior in college. Six years later, Lori's vision is to create a society where American Muslims and other racial minorities are treated with dignity and respect in the workplace, at school and in the community. The Bush Fellowship will allow Lori the opportunity to pursue a master's in nonprofit management, as well as explore how other organizations similarly situated to CAIR-MN are run.

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Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

When I received the Bush Fellowship, I was overwhelmed by all the speaking engagements, media inquiries, LinkedIn invites, Facebook friend requests, and other attention that came my way. My law school featured me in the Alumni enewsletter and the college news. I was invited as a guest speaker on TPT’s Almanac show.

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