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Lori Walsh

Lori Walsh

Bush Fellowship
24 months

Sioux Falls, SD — Lori Walsh spends each day seeking to transform how we listen to one another. As host to South Dakota Public Broadcasting’s premier talk program, she conducts thought-provoking conversations that advance understanding of issues, identity and connection. She brings to the table a unique combination of art and science as a journalist and an artist, a veteran and a pacifist. She wants communities to form strong and vibrant storytelling networks that employ the tools of journalism to create solutions-based collaborations for local problems. To lead this transformational work, she will weave together technical training, travel, valued connections and personal trauma work. She will build her long-form audio storytelling skills, ensuring the stories are told by the people who lived them. She also will pursue training in nonviolent and compassionate communication to counteract today’s divisive rhetoric.

South Dakota