Makram El-Amin

Makram El-Amin
24 months
Minneapolis, MNAs imam of Masjid An-Nur in North Minneapolis, Makram El-Amin’s work extends beyond the 200 families who call the mosque their spiritual home to include the neighborhood and to touch on diverse issues of crosscultural understanding, home ownership, immigration reform and civic engagement. With his Bush Fellowship, he hopes to learn from the experience of past cultural groups—African Americans, Catholics, Jews and the Irish—who were at one time viewed as “the other.” By expanding his leadership capacity, he believes he can act as a bridge of understanding that will offer Minnesota Muslims the chance to fully contribute to their communities, schools and cultural organizations.

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

It is hard to believe that my fellowship has come to an end! It seemed like just yesterday that I began this journey, which has been physical, mental, and very spiritual. I must admit it's been a container that has kept me focused over the past two years, allowing me to give myself permission/excuse to do a lot of things that normally I couldn't or wouldn't do on my own.  This opportunity provided me the necessary space to grow, and cultivate myself as a person and leader. I'm grateful to G-d for sending me an "Angel" in the form of the Bush Fellowship.

I begin my one year learning log reflecting on the many opportunities and challenges that I've been given by way of this fellowship through the Bush Foundation. Before starting on this journey, I consulted with others who have been through the fellowship and who had told of the potential life and career changing opportunity. I'm most appreciative of the space to consider my thoughts and feelings about what I'm doing strategically, as well as day to day.

What have I learned?

I begin my learning log expressing my gratitude for such a great opportunity of the Bush fellowship to begin a journey of self-discovery and growth that perhaps wouldn't have been possible without this time, space, and resources.

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