Malini Srivastava

Malini Srivastava
24 months
Fargo, NDMalini Srivastava wants North Dakota to become more energy efficient. That's no easy feat: the state is one of the nation's coldest, has an abundance of fossil fuel resources, ranks first in per-capita residential energy consumption, and is dead last in delivering energy-efficiency programs. However, she's banking on North Dakota's culture of neighbors-helping-neighbors to make an impact. Malini, an architect, wants to empower neighborhood action groups toward achieving energy efficiency and cost savings in homes one neighborhood at a time. To achieve this, she will use her Fellowship to develop her leadership and organizational skills and to increase her technical expertise.

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Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

What I’ve learned thus far: Many many insights have emerged since I started this fellowship journey with my fellow-fellows and the Bush Foundation. Instead of making a long list there is one thought that I would like to share. Serendipitous concatenation of events can play a large role in our lives. As such most of these events are outside our control. What is in our control is creating the conditions and mindset that helps preserve the agility to respond to serendipity.

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