Matthew P. Ehlman

Matt Ehlman
24 months

Matthew Ehlman wants to challenge conventional wisdom about philanthropy in rural communities. Having raised millions of dollars for Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Reservation and for other nonprofit organizations through his firm The Numad Group, he seeks to bring a rejuvenated model of philanthropy and nonprofit management to rural communities. During his Fellowship, Matthew will complete a PhD in philanthropic studies to increase his capacity to establish a rural philanthropy institute focused on research and bringing accurate data to decision-making in rural areas.

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

What stands out to you/has surprised you about your leadership development through the Fellowship to date? 

By applying for the Bush Fellowship I thought that I would be able to complete research and finish writing my PhD dissertation. Additionally, I had been brainstorming with my colleagues about creating a nonprofit that would focus on rural philanthropy. My friends and I floated the idea to colleagues, academic researchers, nonprofit leaders and philanthropists about an institute that would be located in rural America, focus on rural philanthropic issues, build capacity for rural nonprofits and hold resources that would be important to the third sector and broader society.

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