Megan L. Laudenschlager

Megan Laudenschlager
24 months
Minot, NDLike most communities in Western North Dakota, Minot has seen a dramatic influx of residents due to increased oil production. At the same time, the community continues to recover from a massive flood that displaced more than 12,000 area residents. Still, Megan Laudenschlager has big dreams for Minot. And from her position as finance and program director at the Minot Area Community Foundation, she can see the pivotal role philanthropy will play in shaping Minot's destiny. Megan will use her Bush Fellowship to acquire the skills and connections necessary to engage area residents in crafting the future of the community.

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

When I began my fellowship journey one year ago, I was very focused on what I could do: how many trainings can I attend; how many meetings can I facilitate; how many products can I generate; etc. While I have done a great many things so far, my perspective has shifted from an external goal to an internal goal: Who can I become through this fellowship?

As I take time to reflect on my first six months as a Bush Fellow, I am utterly amazed at how quickly the experience has passed by. Since being announced as a Bush Fellow, my professional career has been a whirlwind of advice, activity, and opportunity. I am just now beginning to understand what a truly life-changing experience my Fellowship journey will be.

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