Grant for 2016

36 months
Duluth, MN—In recognition of winning a 2016 Bush Prize for Community Innovation, this grant will advance the organization's charitable mission

2016 Bush Prize Winner | Men As Peacemakers


Men As Peacemakers staff
Photo: Wes Eisenhauer


Photo: Wes Eisenhauer


Photo: Wes Eisenhauer

The Big Idea

Men As Peacemakers is on a mission to end violence against women and children. Based in Duluth, Minnesota, it has developed a range programs that promote gender equity, repair harm and prevent future violence.

Men As Peacemakers embeds its Boys’ Restorative Program in five Duluth school sites. Curriculum responds to parent and school identified needs, and fosters a healthy understanding of masculinity. Administrators and staff report that they see changes in school culture, including a growing number of boys who stand up to prevent violence against and harassment of girls.

Program staff, researchers and women’s advocates developed the Domestic Violence Reentry Circle initiative. It aims to fill gaps in the criminal justice system by using Transition Circles with repeat offenders during and after their incarceration. Discussions often focus on accountability and victim safety; they also help participants learn how to reduce sexist behavior and actions.

Men As Peacemakers listens to women and girls and stands with them to build a safer, more equitable Duluth. Everyone on staff is encouraged to lead new initiatives in the hopes they will influence and impact national resources. The organization refuses to stay silent in the face of sexism, male dominance, racism and homophobia.

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