Grant for 2017

36 months
Minneapolis, MN—In recognition of winning the 2017 Bush Prize for Community Innovation, this grant will advance the organization's charitable mission

2017 Bush Prize Winner | Appetite for Change

2017 Bush Prize Winner | Appetite for Change (Film by Passenger Productions)


AFC Staff
Photographer: Wes Eisenhauer


AFC staff talking at their desks
Photographer: Wes Eisenhauer


AFC staff prepping food
Photographer: Wes Eisenhauer


AFC staff picking herbs from a garden
Photographer: Wes Eisenhauer


AFC staff behind the counter at Breaking Bread
Photographer: Wes Eisenhauer


AC staff slicing brussels sprouts
Photographer: Wes Eisenhauer

The Big Idea

The community-led, community-based Appetite for Change (AFC) is on a mission to build health, wealth and social change in North Minneapolis, using food as its tool. Born out of listening sessions with African-American youth and adults, AFC seeks to develop the area— named one of the largest food deserts in the country—into a thriving, culturally-based, community-driven food center. 

AFC motivates individuals to build racial, economic and health equity through a pioneering combination of community cooking workshops, job training programs for youth, a cooperative commercial kitchen and business incubator for more than 50 food entrepreneurs, and a restaurant that serves healthy, global food and provides jobs and a neighborhood gathering space. AFC also aggregates affordable produce grown by youth interns and sells it to area stores and restaurants. 

AFC’s advocacy has led to policy changes to expand the geography for food trucks, relax market garden restrictions, expand lease terms for urban farms and enforce government benefit standards to include fresh fruits and vegetables in local stores. As a result of its ambitious vision and leadership, AFC serves as a model for communities around the country that are eager to address food justice.

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