Grant for 2019

12 months
Valley City, ND—In recognition of winning a 2019 Bush Prize for Community Innovation, this grant will advance the charitable mission to lead job creation through business and entrepreneurial development

The Big Idea

Valley City-Barnes County Development Corporation tirelessly pursues a higher quality of life for its community, located 50 minutes west of Fargo. The organization employs a successful, non-traditional style of community-led economic development to address such issues as affordable housing, childcare, and development of a skilled workforce to serve growing businesses in the area.

The Corporation combines grassroots dedication, technical expertise and financial resources to catalyze economic opportunities and development. When faced with workforce shortages, it invested in education partnerships to provide a steady supply of skilled workers who can fuel long-term growth for area businesses. The Corporation also created space for technology companies and entrepreneurs.

The Corporation often makes bold moves when the well-being of its community is at stake. To attract an established manufacturer, it spearheaded vital infrastructure development along a major transportation corridor. To help businesses access capital for renovations and expansions, it took a leadership role with the Bank of North Dakota to establish a statewide financial assistance program to buydown interest rates.

The Corporation analyzes opportunities through a "people first" lens, making decisions based upon the needs of its residents and potential impact on local businesses. This approach results in consecutive economic wins that increase the health and prosperity of residents.