Grant for 2015

60 months
Grand Forks, ND—In recognition of winning a 2015 Bush Prize for Community Innovation, this grant will advance this organization's charitable mission

2015 Bush Prize Winner | Grand Forks Housing Authority

2015 Bush Prize Winner | Grand Forks Housing Authority (Film by Passenger Productions)

The Big Idea

In an era of ever-present budget cuts, the Grand Forks Housing Authority fosters new opportunities to expand availability and improve the quality of the area’s affordable housing stock.

Grand Forks Housing Authority’s commitment to innovation has surfaced in many ways. Witnessing a perpetual cycle of families seeking temporary housing assistance, Grand Forks Housing Authority proposed a bold alternative: pair its proven long-term housing assistance strategy with the emergency relief resources provided by other agencies. The result? Decreased costs, a streamlined route to assistance and an increase in long-term housing stability for families.

From employing YouTube to improve turnaround time for distributing housing vouchers to inspiring new technology products to serve clients, Grand Forks Housing Authority continues to grow a national reputation for innovation.

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