Grant for 2015

36 months
Fargo, ND—In recognition of winning a 2015 Bush Prize for Community Innovation, this grant will advance this organization's charitable mission

2015 Bush Prize Winner | Impact Foundation

2015 Bush Prize Winner | Impact Foundation (Film by Passenger Productions)

The Big Idea

Over the next four decades, an estimated $308 billion of wealth will transfer between generations in North Dakota. Impact Foundation wants to make sure that nonprofit organizations across the region have the capacity to tap into this generational wealth transfer phenomenon—and that philanthropic giving in North Dakota reaches its full potential.

Impact Foundation has developed a fundraising framework that uses training, coaching and networking to equip nonprofits to become exceptional at raising money for their missions. Impact Foundation also created Giving Hearts Day, a statewide day of giving with matched funding that has annually increased participating organization’s fundraising an average of 20%. Through fiscal hosting services, Impact provides the administrative support necessary for start-up nonprofits that work on creative solutions to complex community issues.

Impact Foundation’s efforts have significantly raised awareness of philanthropic giving across North Dakota, built the capacity of nonprofits statewide and resulted in millions of new dollars given to nonprofit organizations.

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