Grant for 2013

13 months
Minneapolis, MN—In recognition of winning a 2013 Bush Prize for Community Innovation, this grant will advance this organization's charitable mission

2013 Bush Prize Winner | Juxtaposition Arts

2013 Bush Prize Winner | Juxtaposition Arts (Film by Passenger Productions)


Juxtaposition Arts
Juxtaposition Arts

The Big Idea

Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) is an education program, teen-staffed design enterprise and locally rooted cultural development center founded in 1995. JXTA creates community building and economic development opportunities that unleash the creative genius of young people on the Northside of Minneapolis.

Relationships fuel all of JXTA's efforts to solve problems and harness opportunities in its community. JXTA invests in people first - including members of the community wjp are often overlooked as not being worthy of engagement. When it comes to collaboration, JXTA looks for strategic partners who share their values and long-term commitment to North Minneapolis and surrounding neighborhoods. The organization also believes in sharing resources with its stakeholders and partners, building on existing community assets. To achieve these breakthroughs, the JXTA team engages in what they call "unapologetic experimentation" - striving for a diverse mix of ideas and artistic disciplines throughout its programming.

JXTA has achieved numerous innovations in creative placemaking, educational achievement and economic development. One example is "Creating Places for People on West Broadway," a multi-pronged collaboration between JXTA and the University of Minnesota's Landscape Architecture Department, numerous partners and local youth. Together they design improved access to education, economic, and decision-making opportunities that create healthy, beautiful, safe places in the city, focused in North Minneapolis.

JXTA's art/design-based revitalization efforts are firmly rooted in local community resources and are regularly shared and celebrated for its long-term impacts. All of the kids involved in JXTA programs for at least two years have graduated from high school - significant breakthrough in North Minneapolis where graduation rates are typically less than 50%. Since JXTA opened its doors on Emerson Avenue North in 2004, there have been $47 million in investments in the area.

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