Grant for 2013

30 months
Willmar, MN—PACT for Families Collaborative will engage truant youth, their parents, education staff and service providers to redesign services and test strategies for positive, sustainable solutions to truancy.

Learning Logs

Updates and Insights from the Field

What specific aspects, components or activities of your work this year were instrumental to making progress? Why was each important?

Data Digging- we collected data from community professionals, student surveys, and youth and parent interviews all related to issues impacting chronic absenteeism. The data shared similar themes, but also showed different priorities from each of the three groups – professionals, students and parents. As we shared data from each of the perspectives with the community professionals, it generated very good discussion that led to new insights for some, and reinforced the complexity of the issue for others. The data has also helped to keep the conversation grounded on the issues that are real contributing concerns—not just personal opinions or more limited perspectives on the issue. The data also has helped keep the primary issues contributing to absenteeism in the forefront as we moved into new solutions.

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