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Impact Foundation Case Study

J. Patrick Traynor
J. Patrick Traynor

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Impact Foundation is ensuring North Dakota nonprofit organizations have the capacity to tap into the philanthropic giving happening in the region.

Excerpt from the Case Study

Over the next four decades, an estimated $308 billion of wealth will transfer between generations in North Dakota. Impact Foundation wants to make sure that nonprofit organizations across the region have the capacity to tap into this generational wealth transfer phenomenon — and that philanthropic giving in North Dakota reaches its full potential.

building relationships


Honest dialogue is a cornerstone of Impact Foundation’s culture and shapes every aspect of its work. To create an open environment where nonprofits feel encouraged to share candid feedback, Impact Foundation sets aside weekly time for one-on-one calls, travels across the state for in-person meetings and allows unfettered access to its staff.



By keeping pilot projects small and scalable, Impact Foundation encourages innovation while downsizing risk. It trains nonprofits to take tiny steps that eventually add up to a giant leap. If a project fails, Impact Foundation simply recycles it into creative fuel to launch an even better idea down the line.

Buildings on a street


See first hand how Impact Foundation designed a new system to help charities maximize their influence.