Addressing racial wealth gaps

Our Commitment

What We Do


One of the ways the Foundation works to make the region better for everyone is by investing in efforts to inspire, equip and connect people to become more effective leaders in their community. We do this because we believe progress toward more equitable, sustainable and innovative communities is driven by the people who live there.

Effective leadership includes a combination of skills that helps people develop meaningful relationships and foster creative problem solving across cultures, sectors and disciplines. The goal of our Leadership program is to make sure leaders have the support they need to do their best work.

We make direct investments in people through the Bush Fellowship and Change Networks. We also offer Ecosystem grants, which provide general operating support to organizations that help create an environment for our efforts to be successful.

Our Work


The Bush Fellowship provides transformative experiences to people with the potential to advance our region. Bush Fellows determine what they need to become more effective leaders and each Fellow receives a grant of up to $100,000 to make it happen.


A unique learning experience for people who want to build the skills and connections that will help them become more effective leaders. 


General operating support to help sustain organizations that create unique and significant value for Bush Fellows, grantees and others. Ecosystem grants awarded through the Leadership program support networks of leaders to solve problems — within and across sectors — to make our region better for everyone. We are particularly interested in organizations that build and strengthen connections for leaders from communities currently underrepresented in leadership positions across the region.