Report date
January 2021
Learning Log

This year has allowed for a lot deeper work in creating space, reflection, developing a routine, and focusing on myself. As I continue down the path of policy and systems change in service to health equity, I am constantly reminded how essential it is to have a solid routine and self-care practice. I have not perfected this, but I have started to establish a self-care routine with a focus on increasing confidence, comfort with public leadership, and increasing stress management techniques. Figuring out what I need to be at my best despite the challenges I have in front of me. I have a number of seemingly basic things I am working on to help with this. For example, I have made a lot of progress implementing a consistent sleep and evening meditation routine. This new routine has contributed to my mood and mindfulness and my ability to deal with stress and show up how I want to. I hope to build on this overtime.

I have also been focused on building my network, lifting up other leaders, and providing mentorship. This has been through informal connections and formal mentorship programs. I have been trying to think creatively about how to involve others in my work. When I think about what lifts me up it is the connections I have to my colleagues, the way we support one another, and the fun we have. I have such a solid core group of people around me at work and I am so grateful for them, their allyship, and friendships.

I have also benefited from working with coaches in the past several months. They have helped me as I consciously work toward gaining comfort stepping up as a visible leader in a corporate environment. One of my coaches has been encouraging me to lean into my intellect and trust what I know more consistently. We have been strategizing how to operationalize this to contribute to my sustainability in this work. I am so personally impacted and invested by the ability of transgender people to access healthcare that at the end of the day, I have nothing left to give. I need this to change and I realize that I need to change how I am doing this health equity work to ensure I can keep doing it.

I want to continue to increase my knowledge and skills to help me evolve and increase effectiveness. I am committed to being a lifelong learner and believe it is important that I find experiences and nonacademic ways to gain knowledge and skills in areas of interest to keep me informed and connected to my work. Much of what I have learned about both transgender health and health care innovation has been informal, based on lived experiences, and learning as I go about trying to change the system. I am consciously seeking learning outside of my current environment and work context, building my network, and reaching out for help when I need it. I am looking forward to planning some site visits so that learning in person is possible at some point in the next two years.