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January 2022
Learning Log

For the first time, I’ve indulged in putting my mental health first. Last year during the pandemic it got very dark and I had been frustrated with working from home in a 900 sq ft. studio that we had bought only 2 years back. Our home was never intended to be a work place and there was an assumption that I would mostly be traveling for work when not at home. COVID-19 completely flipped the script and in order to make it through the cold months, I decided to stop putting my Bush Fellowship plans on hold and made the drive to Los Angeles to do what I had promised myself I would do - apprenticeships and dance studio lessons.

I did it, we’re in Los Angeles!

Moving to LA for a two month, short-term stay is by far the most bold I’ve ever been with money and personal living situation. Throughout my entire life, and in business, I’ve been smart with money. What that means is that we invest nearly 80% of all of our income to reduce time spent on tasks or generate more value. What I’ve failed to do, is invest that money on myself.

That's the biggest lesson that I've learned and has dramatically shifted my perspective on leadership. I'm spending more money investing in myself - not my business, not in others, but making many small bets on myself throughout the year. What I've been thinking about a lot is the energy I bring to our team, more specifically how I can bring magnetic energy to our calls every day and consistently be a source of strength for others. That starts at me and finding my way to only bring THAT person to the table 90% of the time. I'm still working towards that goal and every day gives me the opportunity to continue to invest in myself, think in terms of abundance, and deliver that energy that I deeply crave to share with others.