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January 2022
Learning Log

My leadership continues to evolve as I reflect on my Fellowship journey. I could never had imagine I would experience the setbacks I have faced since I became a Fellow and actually weathered the storm and powered through it all and I am amazed that I am still standing tall with my head up looking forward to my leadership future as a result. The past few months has been a transition for me as I am beginning to regain my footing after suffering a significant tragedy just a few months ago. I have allowed myself to focus on my leadership journey since receiving the Bush Fellowship and carefully examine my goals for the program that began when it was announced that I received the award. I have gained quite the perspective on leading in a crisis or through a crisis. I have had to manage my team through my personal crisis as my attention has been completely stretched and much my team needed and expected of me in terms of support. I have built on my leadership by managing through crisis even though I felt pressure experiencing something so overwhelming. I completed two more courses for the fall semester at the U of MPA program focusing on Integrative Leadership and Civil Rights and the Black Power Movement as I get closer to completing my master’s in public affairs and receiving my degree. I am excited about my leadership journey in 2022 as the fellowship winds down which I can’t believe happened so fast. Courses to only build more of my leaderships skills in Board Leadership Development,, Civic Participation and Leadership and Management will only crystalize my journey to effectively lead in multiple capacities. After reading Resmaa Menakem’s book, My Grandmother’s hand focusing on racialized trauma and the pathway to mending our hearts and bodies, it has led me to self-care strategies for overall healing from multiple traumatic experiences. I am now preparing to attend and participate in his Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism course/workshop in February that embodies anti-racist practice and process of culture building. I am amazed at the resilience I see in young men and women in the All Square program. I continue to sit on the board and fellow fund committee at All Square, which is a nonprofit social enterprise of those impacted by the criminal justice system through an entrepreneurial fellowship, grill cheese restaurant, and law firm & prison-to-law pipeline. Part of self-care has led me to dig deeper within myself for solutions and answers about my purpose that are already there I have come to discover and led me to working with three top black Minnesota psychologists assisting me with trauma therapy and my efforts deal with the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of my recent and past trauma. One experience that I had recently that personified my view of the role of self-care in sustaining your ability to lead was my opportunity to attend Pacem in Terrace (Peace on Earth) Hermitage Retreat Center in Isanti, MN in a simple but comfortable prayer cabin and holy dwelling place that truly helped me retreat from all the burdens I have experienced these past few years of everyday life and be more fully attentive to the presence of God. It was an absolute spectacular and, wonderful experience for me and I plan to return monthly. It was great to have quite time with the Creator and the Holy Spirit. I know for certain that my connection to God will sustain me as I continue to grow as a impactful leader in my community and beyond.