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January 2019
Learning Log

My understanding what leadership is, has drastically changed. I grew up third world and understanding of leadership meant being strong, visible and main care taker of initiatives.Under Bush Foundation I am learning a leader is to lead. focus the narratives and objectives to lead. organize themselves to lead a group into seeking tangible results. I have led my organization into existence and managed to get a global outreach capacity. But I have not led my team members and board to take initiatives. I have not built an organization capable of taking initiative. I have tried hard to overcome that, but have failed because of two important factors. The first being able to get resources. Resources to hire the needed skill set required to take Average Mohamed to the next level. One expert in securing resources. I am heading to Washington Again to have talks with Institutions, Organizations, State Department and others. I did have last year conversations with them. my lack of skill set of securing resources meant they have committed zero dollars into our effort. I have spoken to many about this factor. they all suggested I find a capable person who can translate access to getting resources. The second person I need is an organizer. I get requests all the time to speak, engage and contact so many. I have a rolodex that includes who's who of the world in our field of counter ideology. I need an organized person to take advantage of these points of access. What that means is I need resources to hire these folks. There is another way to go about getting these much needed resources. Universities, colleges and institutions offer free time in aid. they call it internships. This year I am looking into that.
Focusing my leadership is all about picking the low hanging fruit. Making Alliances with other groups and organizations to leverage our works. I sent a proposal to Europeans, Americans, globalists, Institutions, governments and foundation. The premise is to work our Average Mohamed Model and program globally. I only got one group to say yes they would take it on. If one is a leader, their ambition should be not be limitless but focused. I have learnt to sell ideas and vision piece mealy. This is the most significant change I have to experienced. I now write my own grants, then send it out to specialists to perfect. I am busy working a couple of grants, while going to school full time. I find the education I am actually learning is getting more and more used in my works and thinking. My focus now is to get that proposal which would keep me busy fr two years working the continent of Africa. I am a better leader today thanks to Bush Foundation. I have the patience to wait for good things to happen and have the serenity for them not happening.
Self care is vital for me. Yet here I lack the least of temperament. I have a host of problems. Immunotheraphy for my Psroiasis. I also suffer from Bi Polar Disorder. Two major health complications that seem to kick my butt. I am hardy. My self care is that there is no conflagrations. Add being a father to four kids, plus I am a care taker to my paralyzed father who this year we found out has cancer. This is just life throwing curve balls. I have learnt to have a very very deep faith. that in this cosmos all things happen for a reason. That reason is to make us better human beings, better parents, better sons. I have this deep abiding faith, though not religious. I am being tested by the cosmos. the challenge is to survive and persevere. seek grace, seek mercy and accept fate. That is my self care, occasionally I just black out for a day or two with exhaustion. one good thing, this new year my resolution was to quit smoking. I did for cigarettes.start a gym, haven't been in a gym for over 20 years. I start next week. I am happy and live a very blessed life. that is why I work hard to try bring peace to humanity.