Report date
November 2018
Learning Log

My learning experience has been a journey of emotional highs and lows. It has been one of a lot of self-discovery after being on auto pilot focused on solidifying my non-profit for the last 10 years. I have learned about my rebellious spirit when it comes to western world teachings and my gracious love for hands on, authentic, real-time learning. I have embraced the fact that I don't know everything so I love to push myself towards ways of marrying my spiritual and intellectual self to leverage manifesting the things I envision myself creating and having! I didn't go to college and yet have successfully managed to surround myself with others who have skillsets that benefit me, while sharing my skillsets that benefit them making my relationships caring and supportive. Having 'ah ha' moments with others while in creative zones pushes me deeper into wanting to learn and share more experiences like those. I've learned that I am not big on planning ahead. Instead, I love living my life as simple as possible. What is happening right now seems to be most important to me. I love present moments. I'm learning that impatience has been a definite vice, and innovation is a huge strength of mine. Learning this about myself has helped me with having more patience because it's challenge summons me to want more peace in this area. I am generally knowing more of what I want and I am being more strategic and how I go about getting those things both in my professional ad personal life. I am pretty quiet yet totally bought into my independence (emotionally and financially) being my birthright. Nothing gets me going more than knowing that I have the promise of a new day and a brand new start. My learning journey has shown me that I enjoy a challenge and am happiest when my life is moving forward actively.