Bush Prize Practices for Community Innovation

October 2019

A 5-year study of how Bush Prize winners contribute to community problem solving

We award the Bush Prize for Community Innovation each year to organizations with a track record of successful community problem solving. Winners are selected for their pattern of creating effective solutions through inclusive, collaborative and resourceful processes, and having leadership that fosters a culture of innovation.

We partnered with Wilder Research to conduct an in-depth study to learn more about how Bush Prize winners help solve community problems. We wanted to know, what are the tangible practices that help people think outside the box when solving problems? What does a culture of innovation actually look like in practice?

The research identified six common practices that are essential to successful community problem solving:

  • Sharing organizational power
  • Being present in community
  • Building knowledge and support
  • Co-creating with community
  • Promoting diverse viewpoints
  • Debriefing with community

Learn more about how you can implement these practices in your own organization:

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