Learning Logs: Fellows

Updates and Insights from Bush Fellows During Their Leadership Journey

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The first part of 2016 started on a strong note. My daughter was born on December 4, 2015 so I had a newborn at home. I was working on new projects at work. My wife had been offered a new
job opportunity. I started a new semester of my Executive MBA program at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Two classes that I found very useful were Strategy and Operational Management. I was learning new ways to address obstacles at work. I was paying more attention to the financial market and the economy. I had a better understanding of the business world around me.

Jennifer Almanza

How has your understanding of your own leadership changed through the Fellowship to date?

Tou SaiKo Lee
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Self-Belief and The Fire Inside

Abdi Roble
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In June 2016, I was invited to speak at the University of Minnesota in an event sponsored by Immigration History Center (IHRC) about the work I have been doing with Somali refugees and migrants around the world over the past decade.

Amelia Franck Meyer
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How has your understanding of your own leadership changed through the Fellowship to date? How do you now view the role of self-care in sustaining your ability to lead?


Mukhtar Ibrahim
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It has been six months since I was selected as a Bush Fellow. It’s incredible how fast time flew by! I’m writing this report during the last week of the fall semester at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where I’m pursuing my master’s degree in investigative journalism. I’m deeply grateful to the Bush Foundation for giving me the opportunity to study at Columbia University. 

Kim Norton
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Becoming a Bush Fellow is beyond exciting! From the very beginning a feeling of hope and anticipation permeated everything. I was ready to move on and found it necessary to keep my focus on the business at hand until the Legislative Session ended and the Fellowship began.

Trista Matascastillo

The journey of learning for me has been more of a maze than a path and has been so full that I can hardly believe the fellowship is already at the six month mark. After receiving news of the fellowship I met with another fellow from a previous co-hurt to get some advice. She suggested I take some time for respite and reflection on what I really want to do and how the investment into me can sustain my leadership for the next twenty years. 

Giovanni Veliz
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It is my privilege to share with the community and future Bush Fellow’s applicants, the lessons learned during my leadership development, and the experiences that are now shaping my leadership characteristics of leading with courage, dignity and compassion.  I have come to realize that leadership is the product of stakeholders and influenced by one’s aspirations, family values, relations and real life’s accomplishments and failures. I am deeply thankful to the Bush Foundation and my family for their support, inspiration and mentoring through this journey.

Julie Ann Garreau
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You don’t know what you don’t know. I entered the Bush Foundation Fellowship program with a specific mission and leadership development pathway. I laid out my plan for the path I believed I wanted to follow. But once my Bush Fellowship journey actually began, the reality of what I thought I knew—and what I expected from this experience—set in. And things changed. The end goal for my leadership development remains the same; however, my pathway has evolved.