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Margaret Arzdorf-Schubbe

Margaret Arzdorf-Schubbe


Margaret (Maggie) Arzdorf-Schubbe is a Consultant for the Bush Foundation. She helps find and review ideas for Community Innovation grants, bringing her vast knowledge of the region and experience working with many philanthropic clients on a wide range of issues.

She began working as a consultant for the Foundation in 1991 after completing her Bush Leadership Fellowship at the Kennedy School of Government. Her connection to the Foundation dates to the 1980s. As Director of the Minnesota Battered Women Program at the Department of Corrections, she worked closely with Bush Foundation staff to formulate the Foundation’s pioneering philanthropic response to domestic violence.

Born in Fargo and raised in Moorhead, Maggie gained an affinity for the three states that comprise the Bush Foundation region while traveling with her family growing up. She loves the big sky, the varied landscape, and she cherishes opportunities to meet great people in all corners of the region. Maggie lives in Afton with her husband and ballroom dance partner, Tom Schubbe.