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Media Sponsorships

About Media Sponsorships

We provide grant funding to a small number of nonprofit media organizations in our region each year. We do this for two main reasons. First, we know that media plays a critical role in sharing information and spreading ideas. This is essential to our region's ability to solve problems. Second, we want to spread the word about what the Bush Foundation has to offer to more people and communities that could benefit from our programs. Our partnerships with media organizations help to share these opportunities.

Selection Criteria

We do a small number of media sponsorships each year (about 5 to 10), paid in the form of a grant. As we make our decisions we will consider:

  • Reach: We want to have broad coverage while also reaching particular communities that we think could benefit from Bush Foundation programs. This includes ensuring we reach rural and BIPOC communities.
  • Connection to community:  We want to support organizations that are deeply engaged with the communities they serve and produce content that is relevant and useful to people.
  • Support for problem solving: In these grants and everything that we do, we are working to support community problem solving in the region. We will consider whether the organization’s work supports this purpose - for example, by informing people about important issues and sharing stories that inspire action. 


  • Broadcast, print, and digital media organizations
  • Serve Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota or the 23 Native nations that share the same geography
  • Operate as a nonprofit organization registered as a 501(c)(3) public charity

How to Apply

If you would like us to consider sponsoring your organization, please send the following to We are open to accepting materials you have already created for this purpose, including standard proposal packages and webpage links. If you are currently sponsored, you will automatically be considered for renewal, and only need to submit an overview of sponsorship benefits, if offered.

  • A brief statement about how you meet our selection criteria (no more than 2 pages)
  • Any additional information you want us to understand about your geographic reach, audience size and demographics, program types, and mission/vision
  • If offered, an overview of sponsorship benefits for the next calendar year. This can include
    • Broadcast: Number and length of spots, program types
    • Print: Online or print spots and placement

Selection Process and Timeline

We review media sponsorships on an annual basis. Proposals for 2022 were accepted until September 16 at noon Central Time. Each year, a small team of Bush Foundation staff will:

  • Review proposals at the end of September.
  • Notify organizations in October.
  • Make payments to organizations in November or early December.

In unusual circumstances, we will consider requests outside of this annual process. If you have a proposal you believe should be considered that is outside of this process, please e-mail with your request.

We’re Here to Help

For more information or to talk with someone about media sponsorships, email