Addressing Racial Wealth Gaps

The Bush Foundation exists to do the most possible good with the resources given to the community
by Archie Bush. As communities change and as needs change, our approach to doing good should change as well.

In March 2021, we committed $50 million to address racial wealth gaps through our regular grantmaking programs over the next five years.
Just over one year later, we are already 70% of the way toward this goal. (This includes supporting work like Akiptan’s innovative lending models for Native American farmers and ranchers in South Dakota and beyond.)
This $50 million is in addition to the $100 million we committed to seed two community trust funds to support wealth-building for Black and Indigenous individuals in our region. Program design and grantmaking decisions for those funds are being led by two steward organizations, NDN Collective and Nexus Community Partners, with applications to open in late 2022 or early 2023.