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Canceling bushCONNECT and Event Sponsorship

October 12, 2020

In these extraordinary times, we are looking hard at everything we do to ensure we make the most possible impact. Given the challenges of in-person gatherings caused by COVID-19, we’ve decided to cancel bushCONNECT 2020/21 and our Event Sponsorship Program. We feel proud of the work we have done with and through partners on these programs. We will focus our energy and resources to serve the most critical needs in our region.

We present bushCON with a lot of terrific partners, and have worked to support them through this change. Partners and vendors will have flexibility to repurpose their bushCON funding for projects in the same spirit as bushCON: to inspire, equip and connect leaders in our region. A full list of our partners and vendors is available on the bushCON website. We encourage you to learn more about them.

Recent Event Sponsorship grantees will have an opportunity to apply for transition grants in 2021. We encourage people and organizations with innovative ideas to explore our Community Innovation grants, including the Community Innovation intermediary grants in each state.

It is never easy to stop doing something that we and others value, and we are sorry for any disappointment or negative impact this causes. Please send questions or comments to