Eileen Briggs selected to lead Bush Foundation’s Native Nation Building Initiative

August 02, 2016

Eileen Briggs, executive director of Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Ventures, will join the Bush Foundation to lead its Native Nation Building initiative

As Nation Building Portfolio Director, Eileen will oversee the Foundation’s work to invest in efforts that promote, support and strengthen tribal governance among the 23 Native nations it serves. She will also explore ways the Foundation can apply lessons learned from this work to support innovation in the public sector more broadly. 

“Eileen has built an impressive record of accomplishment in her work to build stronger communities and advance tribal sovereignty. Her experience, expertise and vision for making government work better for everyone, makes Eileen the ideal person to lead this work,” said Bush Foundation Vice President Allison Barmann.

Throughout her career, Eileen has led efforts to apply strengths-based community development models that positively impact the people and places she serves. In 2009, Eileen was part of the inaugural cohort of Native Nation Rebuilders. Earlier this year, she was one of 24 people selected to receive a 2016 Bush Fellowship

“My experience as a Native Nation Rebuilder, and now as a Bush Fellow, pushed me to think bigger about my potential as a leader and the possibilities for my community,” said Briggs. “I am excited for the chance to help inspire and support the same positive vision for the future of governance among the people and communities in 23 Native nations we serve and beyond.” 

June Noronha, the Foundation’s interim Nation Building Portfolio Director, said she is thrilled that a Rebuilder alumnus will carry on the Foundation’s Nation building efforts.  Earlier this year, June announced her decision to leave the Foundation in order to establish a leadership coaching consultancy. 

“Over the last ten years, I have been honored to help support the aspirations of tribal leaders and communities across the Native nations that the Foundation serves,” Noronha said. “Today, Rebuilder alumni like Eileen hold leadership positions throughout the public, private and non-profit sectors. Together with their communities, they are building a brighter future for their nations and our region.” 

Eileen will officially join the Bush Foundation in October. 


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