2021 Bush Fellows

Introducing the 2021 Bush Fellows

May 11, 2021

Today we honor the recipients of the 2021 Bush Fellowship. These new Fellows are thinking big. They are thinking big both about their own development as leaders and about how to make the region more equitable and just. 

The Bush Fellowship is an investment in individuals to develop the skills and relationships to drive large-scale change. The Fellowship is distinctive in its flexibility: Fellows define what they need to become more effective and equitable leaders.

The 2021 Fellows are addressing a wide variety of issues in communities around the region, and every one of them is seeking to be a greater force for equity and justice.

“We need leaders who can imagine new systems and transform existing ones, working inside and outside systems to foster new and just approaches," said Bush Foundation Vice President of Grantmaking Anita Patel.

We believe that investing in the capacity of people to lead systems change is one of the most effective ways to transform our region.

Fellows are chosen by a diverse group of Bush Fellow alumni and community leaders from across the region. A total of 538 people applied for the 2021 Bush Fellowship. Through a multi-stage process, applicants share their leadership vision and commitment to building their ability to lead transformative change. We are grateful to the scores of amazing leaders from around the region who make these decisions every year.

The Bush Foundation will accept applications for the 2022 Bush Fellowship beginning August 10. The Bush Fellowship is open to anyone age 24 years and older who wants to build their capacity to make change happen. Applicants must live in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota or one of the 23 Native nations that share the same geography.